Pre-K Counts SMILES Collaborative

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A Collaborative of Early Learning Providers dedicated to providing high quality childcare and school readiness education to children in Clarion, Clearfield, Jefferson and Mercer Counties

Barbara Gray, author of "Collaborating: Finding Common Ground for Multiparty Problems" describes collaboration as “a process through which parties who see different aspects of a problem can constructively explore their differences and search for solutions that go beyond their own limited vision of what is possible.”

Why Does My Child Need Pre-Kindergarten?

By enrolling your child in a quality preschool program, your child has a better chance of being prepared for kindergarten and a successful school experience. This strong early start in Pre-Kindergarten means children have a enhanced opportunity of doing well in school, going on to college or career training, and getting a good job. Children who come to kindergarten without the essential skills they need, often fall behind, have poor attendance, and struggle with their school work. Quality Pre-Kindergarten prepares children for reading and math, following directions and getting along with others. Pre-kindergarten gives children an opportunity to learn, become excited about school and be better students.

All of this can start today by enrolling your child today in one of these high quality programs!